Acadia Mindfulness Adventures

Guided Excursions in Nature

Practice Mindfulness in Nature

Life Is Busy. Vacations can be hectic. Take some time to relax into life as you are guided through a variety of practices to help you slow down, calm your busy mind, and connect deeply with yourself and your experience in a beautiful setting--led by Local Mindfulness Instructor Jen Harry.

What to Expect

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Jen Harry

Mindfulness & Meditation Instructor/ Resiliency Trainer/Lover of Nature/Adventurer

Practice Mindfulness in Nature

Both practicing mindfulness & time spent in nature have been shown to have multiple benefits for our mental & physical well-being.

2-hr Mindfulness Adventure
$55 adults / $25 kids 12 and under

These guided excursions provide you with the opportunity to practice mindfulness in real life. Try out a deeply calming breath meditation, walking meditation on a gently winding path, mindfulness of the senses while sitting by the sea, mindful eating a snack or picnic lunch.

Whether you are just learning or would like to deepen your practice, leave with more than just a souvenir--take home simple techniques for cultivating inner calm and relaxation that you can use in your everyday life!

-No experience necessary
-Small Group Size (limit 6)
-Private Excursions available upon request.
-A great way to start the day!

To schedule your adventure call
207-801-1107 or email me your name, phone, number of people, and a good time to reach you.

What to Expect

Itinerary: Guests will meet at one of several different locations in either Bar Harbor, Town Hill or Southwest Harbor. After a brief introduction to Acadia Mindfulness Adventures & a review of our itinerary, we will head out into nature, either on or off the property of the Bar Harbor Club. All excursions include Guided Mindfulness Instruction for a variety of practices such as Mindfulness of Breath, Walking Meditation, Mindfulness of the Senses & Mindful Eating.

Weather: Because Mindfulness is a practice of being present to "what is", these excursions are all-weather permitting (we will venture out in all weather!), with two exceptions, lightening storms & torrential downpours. In case of unsafe weather, guests will have the option to experience mindfulness inside & on location.

Location: Outdoor mindfulness adventures are held on the beautiful property of the Bar Harbor Club or in a predetermined location either in or outside of Acadia National Park on Mount Desert Island. On park excursions you can expect to walk/hike 1-2 miles round trip. Experiences are created to focus on mindfulness practices rather than exertion and are tailored to your specific level of ability.

Dress: Weather in Maine can change quickly, and temperatures can vary widely within the same day. Layers are always a good option. Dress appropriately for sun, rain, and wind. If going off property, please wear appropriate footwear for walking/hiking (sturdy shoes with good support).

Time: Excursions at the Bar Harbor Club are scheduled for 90 minutes. Outings into Acadia will require additional time to allow for travel & parking and can be scheduled for 2-4 hours at an additional cost.

What to Bring: Curiosity & openness to your experience! In addition, you may want to bring an extra layer of clothing, or rain gear, weather dependent. A water bottle if desired. Insect repellent & sunscreen. It is always nice to have a journal for reflection but it is not required.

Cancellation Policy: Private or small group sessions requires 24 hour cancellation notice. Less than 24 hours notice requires payment of the full price of the scheduled session.

Park Passes: Please note that if your excursion is planned for Acadia National Park, you must purchase a park pass/pay the entrance fee, and carry this with you while adventuring. Entrance fees may be paid at 1) Sand Beach Entrance Station, 2) Hulls Cove Visitors Center or 3) Bar Harbor Village Green. Vehicle hang tags must be displayed at all times while in the park. Passes also may be purchased on line at

Jen Harry

Jen is passionate about providing busy people with tools & practices to transform stress, enhance well-being, and promote flourishing in mind, body, & spirit. This has led her on a continuous quest over the past 20 years to collect what she likes to call "Tools for Well-Being". Along with earning her B.A. in Psychology from Pennsylvania State University and working in the mental health field for over 15 years, she has also received certification in the Methods of Japanese Psychology in 2009 and trained at the Center for Mind-Body Medicine in Washington D.C. to facilitate Mind-Body Skill Groups in 2011. Jen received certification in both Applied Positive Psychology & as a Resiliency Trainer in 2017.

Jen offers individual session, groups, and workshops to the local community, businesses, & non-profits that bring together relaxation techniques, mindfulness practices, and the latest research from the field of wellness to help people slow down & de-stress so they can live more fully, consciously, & intentionally in today's busy world.

Jen's most recent offering, Acadia Mindfulness Adventures, weaves together her love of nature and her passion for practicing mindfulness in real life. These outdoor adventures are a great opportunity to cultivate mindfulness whether you are just learning or want to deepen your practice through guided excursions on beautiful Mount Desert Island.